9 Oct 2011

DE- building

I figured with so many left over parts from the eldar flyer kits, that could make a nice house, think I have enough to make another one too. will see if the blades will hold on the sides, otherwise ill put them on the ground instead, but think it looks cool this way.


  1. Cool! Have you tought of a purpose for the building? It's nice when you use the terrian for more then just cover.

    What about painting a Dark Eldar symbol over the door? To make that even cooler, make the sign in plasticcard first to get a nice 3D effect.

  2. yes, a symbol over the door would be cool perhaps doing one with a blood drop and do the drop in 3d, im no expert cutting out detailed things otherwise. I was thinking of doing one of those portals to be ued in the game, if you take two of the blades and place them right opposite each other it looks like a gate. but with this house I dont know, it looks like an outpost where they bring down their victims into a cellar...