11 Oct 2011

house painted

it got painted in the color of my army, shadow grey. did a flat mark over the door, quite pleased with that.
directly I got the idea to do a larger and taller one, maybe two towers with a bridge between that you can place gunners and shoot from.


  1. Love the contrast colour, the red sign! Also nice with dead grass which makes the tower even more evil!

    Sometime it looks even better when you paint a thin line around the edges of signs and markings like you did with white. Have you consider doing that around the circle with black?

  2. you mean a black line around the red circle, yeah Ill try that:)
    yes my armys got dead grass on it so it fit

  3. Always nice to match the terrain with the troops:)

  4. It's looking pretty good. You're getting a pretty respectable table with the acompaning terrain =)