29 Dec 2010

the ones that did not got away...

So this has been a traditional Warhammer crafting day. After last nights fight (that will be another post later today bay Johan) and after my chrismas gift from Kristian and a little bit after the ultamarines movie. a got inspired to make some objective makers. The painted one is a gift and the other two it the ones built today.

I also started  a project i wanted to start for a long time. Normally a Nurgle army those not include raptors , but after i ordered my blight drones a realized that there were one of the coolest models ever. I wanted to do jump troops in the same fashion. 

I started of with a couple of ring for pluming, and some greenstuff.
Then some hydrolics mad from plastic card.

After that some blades, also made from plastic card.  Here you can also see the size of it compared to the blight drone.

Sanity if for the weak 


  1. Your craftmanship is just super!!! I'm impressed

  2. Your next spawn?

  3. not a spawn a stead of nurgle:)

  4. Or a blob.
    Stop it, befor it eats the pupped of love.