25 Dec 2010

Fear The Baneblade!!!

When we played Apocalyps the last time Nicklas brought his Baneblade. First it was i bit of shiver on the good side (the good side is always My side) but after a while we ignored the big tank. It were so mutch other troops to kill that died so mutch easier.

So why the topic?
This is why:
If you don't fear the Baneblade on the battlefield, please do on the paintingtable.
It's big.
I wanted the same camo as on the smaller tanks so why not do it the same way as on the smaller tanks? It took me almost two hours just to put the tape on.

Now I'm of to the basement for some spraying.


  1. And it was worth it! I'm super pleased

  2. That's super duper! I want to see a batallion of super heavies in your krieg army.