29 Dec 2010

Never Give Up

If I can teach you one thing, it would be: Never give up! When I say never I mean never. I say it one's more, NEVER. On the other hand you should never count a victory untill the last turn has ended.
It's quite strange that it's so hard to live as you learn. It must be one of the most common problem for the gamers in our comunity.

Yesterday there were a battle (2000p), imperial forces agains the hordes of chaos spacesmarines. The evil forces had a fantastic first turn. My heart ached each time I had to remove one of my minis. Chaos ruled the battle from turn one, so my goal became to suprise my opponent as much as I could and destroy as many of his scoring units as possible. My wonderful Death Korps fought for the Emperor until their last drop of swett and blood. In turn five Nicklas asked me to give up, I responded NEVER! I rushed over the battlefeald with one scoring unit and took an other objective. In that moment we had one objective each and Nicklas had one objective that I contested. At that moment a draw felt like a victory. When we rolled for turn six my spririt was gone and Nicklas wiped out all my remaining soildiers.
It's mutch tactics in a battle but in the end it's the dice that decids witch army to win.

I belive the troop of the game was the Nurgle Blight Drone. It makes me happie, not because they killed my troops (yes, he had two of them). It's because they are one of Forge World best minis and if they perform Nicklas will use them again. On the good side it were close between the trustful Death Riders and the Hades Breaching Drill. The drill killed four Terminators in turn four stopping them from secure an objective, the Engineers used there fearsome shotgun to kill the last one.


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