1 Nov 2010

Valkyrie 3.7

This weekend my friends played a couple of battles, unfortunately I could not participate.

Do not fear!
I did my duty, witch is painting on my Valkyrie. I'm a little bit closer to the goal, the finishline is still far far a way. This is as far I have reached right now.

As you can see all weapons are magnitized. I'm thinking of making a ladder for the cockpit but have not decided how. One way is to make it of a wire, I also got a couple of steps from a Leman Russ that is possible to use. The problem with the later version is that I only got four of them when I need six. So it will probebly be handmade of wire. Important to make them all look alike.

Still need tips for the windows!

and I will nag until I'm pleased...


  1. nice. It looks like a hole difrent model., nice

  2. Thank the Emperor för your local GW...
    Now you know how to paint the windows.

  3. It helped me a bit. Maybe after another painting-session I be pleased. Maybe tonight, but just maybe.