29 Oct 2010


It all started a little more then a year ago when GW released the Valkyrie. The same day I decided to start an Elysian army. I painted, painted and painted and the Elysian army look further and further away. After my first 30 hours of painting I thought that the ship would look nice with a little camo.

Basecoat in blue with a grey camo on top. I realy did my best with all the highlights on the blue and then after the use of tape I sprayed the rest with grey. The thing that made me a little cranky were, it looked like shit.
So after a looong considerations here I am after repainting it.
I know it looks a little Tron. But I belive that I like the new brighter highlight that I used this time. Next up is the engines that will be in Boltgun with black wash an a couple of highlights.

I have a problem that I would be pleased if you could help me with. I will paint the windows, but don't know how and with witch colours?

Please "Bullen" help!


  1. Good piece so far.
    Windows? Grey or green, take your pick my friend.

  2. Would it not be to mutch colours with green windows?

  3. I've been serching the webb for a tutorial but with no luck. Did only find for nmm. Does anyone know a good page, please. Let Me know.

  4. Still needs help! How should I paint the windows??? Not only what colour I should us but also how would I do it?