3 Nov 2010

Imperial Fist VS Death Korps

A while ago, on planet Needo in sector VIII a small Spacemarine squadrone suported by Deathkorps transported the holy book of sacrifice to .Suddenly they where ambushed by a hord of nids. Both armys belived the book was lost, just in case they sended out a recon group to the battleground to hopefuly recover the holy icon. The Imperial fist were first at the sight. Due to there efficiency the death korps general presumed that the marine leader would decieve the guardsmen, so they attaced. Both armies where light and fast. All marines were seated in Rhinos and the guard army had no heavys.

1000p on both sides and the mission was Capture the flag, from the battlemissions book. A lascannon team saw everything from top of the crashed landraider which was the objective. 40 guardsmen attaced from the east and 10 men and a hellhound from the south. A Centaur with and a unit with 10 Deathriders waited behind the trees for a possible ambush later in the battle. The HQ were kept in reserve.

The Deathkorps stole the initiative but had not so much to aim at except for the visable lascannons, since the rest of the army were in Rhinos. One troop command with a melta tried to take out the fearsome Vindicator but with no luck. Three lascannon were removed. The Spacesmarines had more luck. They had many soldiers to aim at and the Vindicator had a super shot and killed six deathriders. It was quite an even game but the marines had the upper hand during most of the battle. Lucky for the deathkorps player, the game ended after five turns. At that time one small unit of guardsmen had the objective but were contested by a Rino and the Marine leader.

Things to learn from this game: Never give up!!! Lots of troop takes looong time to kill and finally spacesmarine armour is thick, very thick. Four Death Riders can inflict pain.

The landraider was empty so both armies lost. Now they will combine there forces and and hunt down the Nids that stole their precious book.The question is: Are the Tyranids guilty to the crime? It don't matter, the Imperium will probably attack anyway.




  1. Excellent... yellow...
    Story based battle reports are awesome! We should do more.