4 Nov 2010

Tyranids Vs. Btack templar

Not far from the fight on Needo, in fact in the 5th moon.,the brotherhood of the black templar arrived at the mining town of Irola III.
A couple of day a go a imperial lord landed at Irola to check up on his investments and just a few hours after a distresscall  came in. Loots and loots of xenos came to the moon. 
After a landing the Black templars found some bodys of fallen marines, but no sign of Xenos nor the lord.

But this was just the calm before the storm. As the glorious marines searched the town a stomping sound came from the outer rims. Giant bugs, followed by pathetic small xenos scum. The battle was on. Sporemines rained down on the town and scorched or sat fire to the buildings. Smoke and flames where everywhere.

The battle were a hard one. but after 4 rounds and no more then a predictor and a razorback left, the victory was a fact for the bugs. 

the games most valid player gos to the black templar marshal that stood 4 rounds against 1 prime 3 warriors and 20 hermagounts. 

See you on the battle field 


  1. Next time the Empire will smash the evil snails.

  2. Yes the glory of the emperor will shine on us