5 Sept 2011

My love for monsters

Last sunday I went to Nils with Kristian to do some cool nerd stuff...
Nils painted up some guards as always (ein zwei, ein zwei) and Kristian got some white on his termis I think ;)
And me? Hummmm.... Well it just happens to be so that GW finely released a monster that looks good, the Ogre Kingdomes Stonehorn! So I snached it up immediately and started building it. Its sooo big and awsome I just had to have it!

Now the question is what Im going to do with it?
Should I start a Ogre Kingdoms army? (No)
Should I use it for my Orc's and Gobblins? (cool but how?)
Well I dont know yet. But I know I love the mini:)


  1. It is defeliteny a squiggoth!!!

  2. its the outcome of an elephant/wolf mix

  3. I say, put at chaos marine lord on it!

  4. Maby I can use it as a chariot for my Black Orc Big Boss?!

  5. That's one hell of a chariot!

  6. Of course! You don't wanna use it as a squiggoth since you already have one. Have you painted it yet?

  7. Have you read the new rules for monsters? If there's a similar monster you can use the rules for?!? I thought about the forge pellefant but that one is much bigger.