17 Sept 2011

Da big one are stomping.

So recently i turned thirty. My fantastic boss like to give presents that acutely fits the person. So i got some gift certificat at games-workshop.
For a long time now i have talked about getting myself a stomp for my ork army. Its a typical thing that never gets prioritized. But whither the birthday money and keeping in mind that it should go to something special and/or big. I came out from GW with a big box with a nice stompa.
I'm planning of painting it i parts so i won't post pictures of it fully glued together.

But how is up for apocalypse next month?


  1. Is it a box for a model or some sort of a board game? ;)
    Anyways, finally I have a reason for painting my pylon...

  2. I thought you would build it your own way not the GW standard way!?!
    But I understand if you don't, the Stompa is fantastic the way it is!