15 Jun 2011

A New Night With New Opportunities

Like always (at least this week) I've been so in to painting in the evenings that I forgot time and space. Last night I painted my red base. I'm not pleased with the colour since it is to orange and not as brown/redish as I would like it to be. Another problem I have is the shinynes, I'd like it if were a bit more faded and dusty not so polished.

My Elysian project rolled on just perfect. I'm almost half-done with my last one. After that one it's back to the glu station since I have a pack laying in my closet.

This evening I think I'm going to work on my Death Korps of Krieg HQ Centaur.
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  1. You're a factory of delights! A bit of late night speed painting ;)

  2. Painting factory Yes! Speed No! I painted for four and a half hour yesterday.