14 Jun 2011

Is A Break An option?

I have for the last couple of nights painted on the inside of my next centaur. I'm nearly done. It needs a bit more love and a bit of dirt.

Yesterday I build my first Elysian base as well. Lots of rocks but not to high, were my goal. So I took a base and cut of the top, made a bottom in plasticcard and filled it with rocks and glue.
I belive its smarter to find a company to buy bases from because it was a quit big project for just one base.

At last I have a question: What do think of taking a brake on the campaign? Summer and side project takes so much time. We can play anyway! And start up were we are now again in the autumn!

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  1. forgot to upload some pics, low on battery on my phone so I do that when I comes to my work.

  2. Well, we're sort of already on a break. But I'm game in making it official, grown bored of the Greenskins anyway...

  3. You promised pics, you squigface!