2 May 2011

A New Month Brings New Opportunities

I was saved by the bell.
My generator was ready in the afternoon just a few hours before the time limit had ended, the upgraded army list just a few minutes.

The big question is, what to do with my next 300p? Now its starting to get interesting.
I have a HQ and my two troop choice ready so that won't hold me back in the decision.
I sat down and started to build what I real like, more troops. Not that need them, I just love them. Since I already have six troops with ten men in each it's hard to make them start out. They can't look all the same.

I belive I might need something else then troops, so I started glue on something heavy. A third Centaur:)
Playing battle at lower point every point is very important, so I magnetice the plow.
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  1. That tank is wicked! Great ideas to magnetise the plow:)

  2. nice. Love you pose on the plasmakid

  3. Thank's! Ye the plasma dud turned out nice. The thing I'm extra pleaced with is my greenstuffing. You can't see it on the pics but all of them is greenstuffed.

  4. Now there's gravel on the base and they are undercoted in black

  5. It took me almost all night yesterday, one mini is ready with the exception of his gun. Could not decid which colour to use. Don't like my old colourscheme.

  6. When will you be done? I whant to play!

  7. My seven hundred point army is ready. When do you have time for a showdown?

  8. Aaauuoow! IT`S ON! Count me in!

  9. btw...when will the uppdated list for everyones 700pts armies be up Niklas?