5 May 2011

Death Korps of Krieg 4 Ever

I must be the most boring blogger ever. Almost all of my posts is a tribute to Death Korps.
It's like a drug!
When my fellows change armies in the same speed as a normal person change underwear I keep on painting grey. I've tried to fell in love with other armies but every time I can't stop thinking of the colour grey.

But this time, I've made a capital change. When I painted my shield generator I chose to paint all coils blue. After some thinking I decided to paint my plasma guns blue instead of the red colour I used earlier. I have to confessed that when I saw Aksels excellent painted generator I were very inspired. Blue is an excellent colour to paint if you want a glowing look.

Grey is the future, grey is the colour of life!
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  1. Woah! You never stop surprising me Johan... the blue glow on his face is perfect!

  2. i can only join in on the words of glory from Aksel and Nisse

  3. Nice piece of painting. Told you blue would be a good colour :)

  4. Don't try to take away his glory now;)

  5. Painted last night, one Autocannon on the way. Not ready but soon.

  6. You are on a roll! Makes me want to paint up my tau.