4 Apr 2011

Mission One

After the first day of battle in our campaign we recived a little side project.

Build a shield generator and get a bonus of 25p for your army. I usually wait until the last day to start my projects and it always ends in panic. This time my goal is to make it different!

I took a long lunch today and went to my local Games-Workshop store downtown in Stockholm. I bought a bastion witch I belive would make a good and solid base to start on. I also bought a White dwarf, since I have a dream to make a Grey Knight army as a side project. This dream I've had since Forge World released Hector Rex (witch I've already have but not painted). After GW I when to a hobby store called Wentzels for some plasticcard. Last stop of my trip was to the coffee shop, I belive its going to be looong night.

By the way, I played one battle Yesterday against Nicklas Orc's. It was a close one witch I won thanks to a beginners mistake made by Nicklas. I belive he will never do that again!

I keep you updated on the generator.

So long!