1 Apr 2011

Battle Field Of Hope And Glory

This Sunday we will field our troops at the first of many campaign games. I belive that we all have big expectations. Hopefully the games be fun and thrilling. With so many hour of hard work just to finish the minis a failure is out of the question.
Nicklas have not just painted his army but also the tables we will play on. You heard correct, tables not table. One of them are a could icy one.
For all of you how need inspiration to build a gaming board, have look at this one!

And for all Eldar fans there are some candy for you as well:
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  1. Strange, I can't make the pics smaller!?!
    Operator, help me!

  2. Size will not be a problem, its awesome!

  3. Oh my... that wraithlord is the coolest thing ever! Forge is the best.