6 Dec 2010

Painting-session Nr.473257843356

So, now I realy can be proud of my self. After soo many hours my sixth unit och death korps is ready. OK! I Can hear you scream, they are not all done. And you are right like always. Four of the squads are compleate and two are just playable. Anyway I am super pleased with my work.
Nicklas is pushing for a apocalyps game so I belive my next project have to be realy heavy. I Hope that the ninetenth of december will be just a regular game, maybe a bit larger two on two fight or perhaps three on three. Since I do not feel that I have enough apocalyps-stuff painted. And I will not play unpainted again, it's not my cup of wiskey!

See you on the battlefeald!


  1. unpainted is an abomination, so you Do good things.

  2. Your a god, now I know what to wish for in my christmas gifts...


  3. What do you wish for? Me?
    The Emperor is the God!