7 Dec 2010

Assault on....anything

So, Apocalypse is coming, as as it looks the space marines will join up to take down the unbelievers of the DKoK. So hat can be better then to tart up some apocalypse models (yes i know that you can use ths model  a normal battle, but for the moment it is for the end of time.)

For starters, this is a fantastic model, excellent details, and a nice design. Love the rules. They realy are nice story reflecting rules. But enough about that.
After around 4 hours of citing, gluing and swing it looked somewhat like this.

Walk softly and carry a big gun!!


  1. Shit man! it's Just lovely. Are you using the plastic-cross-fly-pole-thing?

  2. yes. its a pefect fit for it under the haul