14 Feb 2012

Warhammer fantasy?

Digged up some ungors I had lying around. I think the beastmen is a cool looking army and thought to give it a try. I really want them to look evil, though. I´we started to paint one but need sugestions to really make him look as evil as possible. And i mean gory looking evil. There will be a lot of dryed blood and red eyes.
Anything more you can think of?


  1. Basing, sand and dead grass.
    Other than blood and the odd piece of dead creature I can't really think of how to make a goat man more evil. Perhaps doing a sacrificial altar or cages with starved naked women.

  2. Do you have some humans? Empire for example, if you do why not hang some bodyparts on the shield?
    I think Kristian have some flesh and bone from his Kroots