8 Feb 2012

High Elves

When everything should circle around Apoc I decided to do something else. Why not the high elves from the starting box?
It's a cheap way to start a fantasy army. But the biggest reason I like them is that it's so totally different from anything and everything else I've earlier done.

I felt that it would be fun to try some new colours, so why not orange and gold. I think the shields will be brown with white detailing but I haven't decided yet about the dragons on the shields. I like lizard green dragons but are a bit afraid about bringing to many colours on the mini.

This is no pride festival!
This is high elves!
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  1. work with contrast colors, you have a warm colour, so a cold colour of blue or green would work

  2. I'm very fond of contrast colours, but in this case I'm a bit worried there will be to many. Tonight I will paint two versions and pic the best one.

  3. Try white. White spears, white shields and paint all the gems blue

    1. You are reading my thoughts my young padwan