11 Feb 2012

High Elves 1.3

I wanted the elves to look quite pale. For this I used I bright base colour (dwarf flesh) and washed with a purple wash (leviathan purple). After that I high lighted all the way up white.

Haven't decided yet if I want the spear and the shield to be brighter. Nicklas had an idea about painting the shields like a red sunset. Don't know if that's doable?!?

Next up is the band over the chest. I think it's a bit to much orange so maybe I go for a red one. Maybe.
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  1. The mini looks great Johan!
    But I dont like the shield... at first it was the green that grinded my gears. But you made it better.
    Now its the brown... it is realy unflattering and it gets alot of attention. Maby try something els? White might be better but im not sure.
    Lastly I just whant to say that I love the orange band across the chest! But I can understand if you whant to make it a bit more red:-)
    Great work Johan!

    1. Thank's! Love to hear some good and bad criticism.
      Next painting session I'll repaint the shield in a different colour.
      I've always wanted to paint a classic green dragon. My goal is, the shields will match my monster in the future.

  2. Ah I can hear your a man with a plan:)

  3. I agree, the brown clashes with the rest and doesn't bring the model together. I say once again, paint the spears white and the parts of the shield that is brown. Make them white.