29 Feb 2012

Apocalyptic info: THE PLANET


Segmentum: Pacificus

Sector: Aurora

Sub sector: Primus

System: Karnakus. Six planets (Prime, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintum, Sextus)

Three inhabited (Secundus, Tertius – Adeptus Mechanicus outpost Sextus – research station)


Planets: Karnakus Prime - lava, toxic atmosphere

Karnakus Secundus – rock, Temperate

Karnakus Tertius – rock, thin atmosphere

Karnakus Quartus – gas, no atmosphere

Karnakus Quintum – gas, no atmosphere

Karnakus Sextus – Ice, no atmosphere

Satellites: Karnakus Prime – 0

Karnakus Secundus – 2

Karnakus Tertius – 1

Karnakus Quartus – 4

Karnakus Quintum – 3

Karnakus Sextus - 0

Asteroids: Outline asteroid fields – class: Valde

Comets: None known


Summary: Karnakus is a Departemento Munitorium mining world. Karnakus supports the Departemento with raw materials for fuel and metals for factory worlds.

Size: Equatorial distance 12100 miles

Gravity: 0.998 G

Satellites: Two unnamed moons

Population: 12 million

Rotation Speed: 1090 mph

Orbit: Mean orbital distance is 142 million kms from the star.

Climate classification: Temperate – Standard (tempestuous).

Mean Surface Temperature: 19 degrees Celsius

Tropospheric Composisition: Nitrogen 79%, Oxygen 18%, Argon 1%, Ozone 1%, Sulphur 1%

Tithe Grade: Adeptus Primus

Climatic Regions:

Polar caps: Small nothern and southern polar caps. Perma-frost partly explored and mined.

Seas: 59% of the planet´s surface is covered by highly toxic seas. A widespread net of rigs extracts promethium from the bottom of the seas.

Mountains/highlands: Old eroded mountains covers large areas of the planet. The rock has a high amount of minerals and large parts of the landscape is mined for resources.

Plains/lowlands: Largly covered by sand and rock deserts.

Climatic phenomena: Electical storms and sand storms.

These phenomenas together with the topography of Karnakus makes orbital landing difficult in most sectors of the planet.

Flora: Alges, corals. Small buches and different types of grass.

Fauna: Small sealiving and landbased reptiles.

Economy: None. Departemento Monitorium regulated.

Society: Administratum standard. Large labour corps. The atmosphereic composition and the dangerous labour in the mines has made the workers estemated life length about 37,2 years.

Karnakus has a planetary defence force miltia.

Water supply: All surface water of Karnakus is highly toxic. Water has to be extracted from deep within the planet where time and earth have filtrated for hundred of years.

Principle exports: Promethium, difrent kinds of minerals.

Principle imports: Foodstuff, manufactured goods.

Food supply: All food is supplied from off world. Huge reserves are kept.

Urbanisation: Large urban areas is formed around mining complexes. A typical 3 stairs high Karnakus building is another 30 stairs below ground.

Smaller outposts is commonly found were large amount off fresh water can be extracted. Large water pipelines from these outposts are supporting citys that lacks its own water suppies.

Known history: Karnakus Secundus was inhabited by the Departemento monitorium in M38. Some evidence speaks that Karnakus have been inhabited before. Possibly during the great crusade . But with the lacking of food supplies after the Horrus heracy its inhabitants is belived to have abbandoned the planet or periched on it.


  1. Good job man! Getting alot of ideas for terrain :)
    So exciting o have some backstorry about the planet and the system!