12 Dec 2011

The new leader

So after this weekends fighting i got more inspired for ma CSM army.
And after lots and lots of digging in my bit boxes i found some more parts.
So here is my new leader.

The parts are.

Legs and arms from the Dark angel veteran box.
Body from CSM terminators,
right hand and staff from chaos knights
sword and head from
top of staff, hand and parts from the horror box


  1. It looks fantastic!!! I totally love it.

    Thank the dark god for your bitbox;)

    I hope you paint them blue and gold. Do you have any own thoughts?

  2. i will pait it like this

  3. Blue and Gold! My dream came true (a nightmare).

  4. With a sand white bolter and desert base, it will look dashing. I'm thinking perhaps a light dash of badab in all the joints?