7 Dec 2011

A Little Bit Of Everything

Woke up at 4.30 with a warhammer craving. I started painting on a half done Elysian Drop Troop with a Lascutter. Since I use a lot of washes in that colour scheme I needed something to do while waiting for the mini to dry.

I found a Forge World Chimera front that I had no use for and made it fit my Trojan. Since the tank already had a front it took a bit of greenstuff to make the edges nice.

While waiting for the greenstuff to dry I started to glue some Death Korps. My army is growing fast, so my big challenge now is to make the units as different as possible.
The result is a two men unit dragging a medusa shell, one watchmaster with a plasmapistol and a guardsmen at ease made from one of the Centaur crew.
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  1. I tried to have these two medusa crew men on a large base but it looked stupid and they did not fit on a small either so what to do? I made the small base bigger...
    Hopes no one gets upset.

  2. If I were you I would make them so they don't stand on symmetrical peices, but more like they stand on rocks

  3. I'm with kristian on this. but nice work. love the chime front.

  4. I had that rock thought first but then I felt strange, I believe if I would use a medusa I would definitely put it on a flat spot. Especially if you think of loaders, they don't wanna roll that gunshell over any rocks! Risky business.