4 Dec 2011

All to dust Ii

<p>So finally my Egyptian style heads arrived. But I'm a little bit in a dilemma. Next weekend the campaign starts and i don't know what to play. I've played orks for thwarting last two and thay are a fun and a huge arms with lots and lots of options. But I'm for the moment more inspired to work on the armys of the true god. What to do?

Hope you like my start if my thousands sons squad.


  1. Chaos must be worshipped in all its glory, otherwise it is not complete

  2. Corrupted by the warp, tainted by chaos

  3. My suggestion to you is to use your old chaos marines and then change the minis during the campaign. Don't loose a good inspiration.

  4. The sorcerer is looking super! Keep up the good job.