4 Nov 2011

Dreadfleet Greenstuffed

I'm a bit confused! When GW decids to make a new game in this case called Dreadfleet, there brilliant designers starts to make lovely boats and quite nice terrain (with the exception for all skulls). They make four islands and decides they need one more. What did they do??? They copy one of them (second pic). But why??? Why not make five different?
Well, thank's to greenstuff that's not a problem anymore and thank's to greenstuff there's not a single skull left.
Now I can feel the harmony, I'm calm and the pressure over the chest is gone.
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  1. Sorry for the lousy pics, they were taken in a hurry.

    By the way, Kristian, I downloaded a new mission for Dreadfleet. Since haven't even tried it yet it felt like a very good idea.

  2. Green stuff, iz good =)
    New mission? A bit early but sooner or later it will be needed. A bit like new missions for aeronautica ;)

  3. That's another thought that I had, the new Dreadfleet terrain will be perfect for Aeronautica as well:)