15 Oct 2011


When I saw Kristians latest purchase I had to use my deep blue eyes and ask him in a very kind way if there were a chance for me to paint at least one of these wonderful ships.
He said ok right away probably thank's to my beautiful eyes;)

I got the feeling that GW's designers have been inspired of there colleges at FW since there's a ton of details that never will see daylight when the minis are glued together. But I have to paint them anyway!
I used Gloss Varnish to make the intestines look more gooey.
Thank's to Google I found some pics of monkfish/devilfishs and decided to go for a brown/bluish colour. That's the next step. I'll keep you updated!
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  1. would really like to try the game, looks interesting. painting the water will be really enjoyable I think

  2. Well, you are bound for stockholm in awhile so about it then?

  3. ye, sure, if theres time for a game of 40k too, that is:)

  4. What about Drummerboy and Nicklas Dark Eldar VS my Death Korps and Kristians Fists?