8 Sept 2011

Please Help!

I have started to weathering my Centaur. I've painted three layers of brown in the same colours as I used on the infantry bases. It's hard to know when it's enought of dirt!
By the way, I've also painted the headlight.

I have two questions!
(I know it's hard to see on the pics)
No. one: Does it need more dirt?

No. two: Should I paint the helmets all in the same colour?
By the way, I've used some minis from the HQ and two from the Centaur crew since all minis in the HQ were posed the same way. So, should they all have silver helmets like all my officers have?


  1. looks enough with dirt to me, very nicely done. vary a bit in the colours to make it more interesting, in my opinion. btw the light at the front looks amaaazing:)

  2. It is indeed enough dirt and yes, you should do them helmets in silver. It is good to see this coming to a finish, it's really a nice piece of work my friend =)

  3. Thank's!
    Now it's only two things left to do (except the helmets). Painting the special weapon and the standard.