11 Sept 2011

A Chardonnay

Have you ever bought a mini just for the love of painting it.
There are lots of more then fine minis in the GW/FW range. I bought a pack of Elysian Drop Troops for two reasons, the powerfist and they look darn good.

Picture this image in you head, home alone, you are in a terrific mood after a perfect day. What do you do? In my case there's only one option, paint a mini. Not just A mini! An Elysian!
You can compare Elysians with a glass of Chardonnay if it were wine, a glas of Louis XIII if it were a cognac and Ferrari if were a car.

This Thursday I had such a day and I started to paint such a mini. What a lovely day:)
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  1. Not just any Ferrari, 1964 GTO

  2. if I could choose, I would paint minis at least 5 hours every day:)

  3. Indeed, awesome. Soon they will rival even the numbers of your death korps ;)