23 Aug 2011

A dark eldar box incoming

So, bought some second hand stuff, but more or less new at half the price.
around 30-40 warriors/wyches
1 Raider

and two archons, one converted really nice. also some of the warriors builded to wich I think is Trueborn with dark elf corsairs cloaks. good for me since I dont think assembling is the funniest part.also some cool bases and a thing I dont really know what it is, but something like a Pain engine or Grotesque. only missing was the fly bases for the raiders, but those could probably be bought separately somewhere?


  1. It's always nice to make a good deal! Nicklas will probably have 13 flybases in his magic closet;)

  2. I think my DE is pushing 2000pts when assembled, right now I dont even know exactly whats there. Yes, its got teal, so does my dark eldar:)

  3. 2000, that's massive! Nice to have everything you need. Is it just new stuff or some old to?

  4. not that old, just from the summer but ist still a lot of warriors to assemble and convert, and then comes the painting, will need an air brush for that:)