7 Jul 2011

Respect For Forge World

The more you work with resin the more you will realize that resin is made to cut in to pieces.
When I bought my first resin mini from Forge World for I believed over 4 years ago I treated resin like it was gold.
I was always scared that it would brake, don't worry it will! But time will heal your wounds and greenstuff will repair your minis.

So I'm back at my HQ centaur project. I used the same chauffeur but replaced the "shotgun" (originally he has binoculars) with a heavy stubber.
After a couple hours of carving and gluing I finished up the little guy with greengue.

To morrow I will spray them and maybe paint them.
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  1. Brilliant! I love seeing converted resin, like your powerfisted platoon commander :)

  2. There will be morefisting in the future! Now the crew is black!