5 Apr 2011

So whats next?

After the fantastic start we now have to look to the future. Now there will be free gaming within the campaign. Just report in after every fight so the map (that will be up soon) can be updated.

What you have to plan. 
The next step in army planing is to add 200 pts.
This should  be done and up for gaming the 1 of may.
And this will be the first step towards  a full organisation chart.

This time your army most have a total of 2 troop.

The challenge
Now and again we like to take on some challenges.
In the game system of planetary empires there can be shieldgenerators.
So now its time to build one.
If you have a generator ready to the 1 of may, you will receive 25 extra pts to add to your army at any time.
You will also get to place a generator on one of your territories on the map.
This will make it harder for enemys to take over that sector.
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  1. Looking good fellas! I need to start with my 200p right away... No time to waist!

  2. Yes, what is next? A trukk load of boyz I believe...

  3. I'll probably go for a HQ