8 Apr 2011

Generator And Battle

Yesterday it was a Warhammer day. My good old chump Kristian took the long ride up to "norrland" for some gaming and painting. We had a terrific day! The work on my Shield-generator preceded without any problems. Me and Nicklas has talk about how it would look, unfortunatly I walked another path, a much easier one. Sometimes it's smarter not to complicate things to much. In the evening we played a battle, the quickest in my life. Our arms are not made to face eachother. Kristian has nothing to take a hord and my troopers are a bit weak against orc bikers. What really made my happie was that I (in my opinion) did not do any big mistakes, no big one at least. We had quite much terrain so I forced Kristian to take a dangerous terrain test, that killed two boys and wounded his boss. Thanks two a freaking boss pole the game became a draw. Interesting and educational game.

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  1. Sounds like a awsome eavning! Your gaming table is super sweet:)

  2. You are more then welcome to try it!

  3. This night I could not stop, I greenstuffed the building (whent to bed 2:30).