19 Apr 2011

Evolve On My Own

Tonight I ate a green salad, a green Orc salad.
Kristian was brave enough to face my never ending hord of brave humans.

For ones I had the game under control from turn one. My biggest problem for the last couple of year has been counting my troops. This may sound like I am a moron (yes, I am a moron). But when you always play with a minimum of fifty men, often sixty and seventy men it is becoming hard to remember witch troops should go were.
If you have to stop and count you troops you will loose the flow in the game. If you loose the flow you will forget you main goal, your tactics and sometimes even some rules. It's like watching a good movie and the best part of the film will be destroyed by commercial!

That was what made the different to night, I had control. Did not count my minis more then I needed to, I used the terrain to get cover and rolled a heck lots of dice. I ate green salad tonight, a tasty wonderful green Orc salad.
And it was thank's to:
The flow man, the flow!
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  1. Did I mention that I not only won because I played well but also because I had a big sack of good luck!
    I also decided what my next upgrade will be:)


  3. "It would be classified as a slaughter in the days to come, brutal and efficient. The turning point for the death korp battle effort. But as the old saying goes, an Ork never loses... "

  4. No, he beats his opponent to bits or dies trying!