12 Apr 2011

Campaign Continues

A big battle night at lokan. Just love it! It's so inspiring, everyone does all they can to win there battles and between the fights just admire your contestants minis. I like that everyone put there heart and soul to every little trooper. That makes the battles more enjoyable both to play and watch.

I faced the fearsome Cavve and his Fists. It was a quit even game witch is always nice, but that were all thanks to the mission and my hord of expandable humans.
It was a bit dull mission (first chaos marines mission from the missionbook) because it made both of us so passive. I like assault!
I hope for a more aggressive mission next time.

It was very educational to play against Cavve in more then one way. He's very good at placing his troops in the right spots where they are most needed but still using the terrain in a fantastic way, all at his advantage.
Hope to face him soon again. But I'm a bit afraid that I might not be as lucky next time.
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