6 Mar 2011

New Arrivals

For almost a year I've playe my Death Korps of Krieg with the HQ Command squad in a Centaur. It's a good way of giving the Command a better save since Death Korps HQ do not use refractor fields. It also makes the orders easier to use thoe the HQ is so mobile.
All this time I have used a Centaur and just put the HQ flag in it to symbolize what type of unit that were using it.

So when Nicklas asked if I would like to order from Forge World one Centaur and one Death Korps of Krieg Command HQ Squad and a Centaur was defenitely the first thing on my mind. To build a centaur with the Command in since symbolizing is not an option.
I could not keep my fingers in place so I also ordered two special weapon squads for the Elysians.

In our group we have been very skeptical about tranfers but I thout why not give it a try. An Death Korps tranfer sheet accidentally became part of the order. When I recived it I was more then impressed. They are big! The mini is an Elysian.

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