24 Feb 2011

Painting Elysian Drop Troops

My new love is soon ready at least two of them.
It's a start.

Tonight I've painted the guns in kaki the plasma coil in blue the bases desert and the grenades grey.
I'm quite pleased with most of it but not so sure of the grey grenades. Green is a big no, red will make the mini to red. Silver is a colour that has crossed my kind a couple of times but I can't decide.
Please help.
I am eager to paint the remaining three so I can buy more of them. Just need to study Imperial Armour 8 so I know what to buy.
Longing for a Vulture!
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  1. The colours are perfect! Nothing needs to be changed. Add snow to the base and will be great :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. No not snow. more like a dessert plain. They look fantastic, best work you have ever done

  4. Yes, snow! It will give great contrast and bring them in line with your dk, which also must be given snow...

  5. Thanks! Oh such a tuff choice, I just can't decide.

  6. Oh I can't decide. Snow, no snow. Why this hard decisions???

  7. To be frank, you really dont need snow. But it wont make it worse either. Do whatever. Id just like to congratulate, they look great.