28 Feb 2011

Keep The Inspiration High

This winter my motivation for Warhammer has been at it's lowest level ever.
To keep up the joy start with just talking about the hobby. Then play a game hopefully an even one. This turned at least me on the right track again.
When you are about to play your next game and know what you need, there's nothing better then painting.

After Saturdays game agains Nicklas I felt that Autocannons is a good choice. Yesterday evening became a painting session.

So my wish for our little community is, sit down and think about what army you would like to play in our campaign. Some of you will of course play the same as the last time, all you have to think about is your list.
If you will change army completely please think about approximately how long time it will take before you have 500p, only one troop is needed. Is it a month or two?
This is just a request so we can plan the background and pick a starting date.

We all need something that pushes us forward in both gaming and painting!
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  1. Nice. Autpcannons is the coolest.
    More gaming so the painting has a purpes. Good job

  2. Good job!
    I think I will be trying to form a Ironhands army for the campaign... Ther is alot to be done befor 500p. But I will do my best! Let me get back to you on an estimated timeline.

  3. Well, anyone surprised that I choose my tinheads? Good with only one troop choice, makes me able to play with some other than necron warriors.
    Two months is the best, I think, for upping the points

  4. Approximately two month is a goal I hope all of us can reach. Keep up the good work!!!