10 Feb 2011

Fast 'uns (Iron Hands)

Hi there!
Just gonna post some WIP pics of my assultmarines befor I start painting them:
First up is my new chaplin Iv ben working on.
I like him alot but I'm not sure about the Ironhalo.


Iv also put together three mk3 assultmarines,
(one was camera shy...) I think they look dead
'ard but its a real pain to get the arms right. Also
they need more bionics!

I'd love to here what you guys think!



  1. I love combi weapons, especially on space marines. It makes them look even meaner. About the halo, I think it looks nice. It's a keeper!

  2. That chaplain is epic, the only thing I would add is a dead... something. Maybe a necron or a traitor marine.

  3. Yes they look awesome. When can you have 1000 p for me to kill with my dark elda?

  4. I'll get right on it!
    I havent thought about 1000p... I just have a 1750p list Im working on. Maby I can prio what I need for 1000p first:)

  5. When you start a new army the first thing you have to think about is what to bring to an apoc game.