5 Jan 2011


I can't wait, I must have it on DVD! When I was a boy I were not the man I am today. Today I'm not the boy I were. Like now, as a young kid I loved movies. Back then Tron were definitely on the top ten, accompanied by Star Wars IV, Blade Runner and Edward Scissorshand. I loved Tron then, I love Tron now and the same for Johnny Depp. My expectations were big when me and Kristian walk to the movie theater.

Leaving the cinema I felt only happiness! It was a fantastic movie.

I have one question to the producer, why did we use 3d glasses when the only 3d effect was the translation-text?

Have you seen one of the starring characters befor?

I have!


  1. Sorry for the big pic. Did not find any smaller this late hour!

  2. Nice of you to work your magic Nicholas. How did you do it?

  3. The best movie this year! Would've been the best last year also if we saw it then.

  4. It's very tight between Tron and Inception

  5. Yes, but tron wins in my book