31 Jan 2011

Tau, tau for real

So my week of warhammer has just started. it was a great day yesterday with a new terrain project that will bee a part of a table that i hope to finish this week. A winter table with some tau buildings an pine trees om magnets.

Here is a sort of tutorial of the tau command bunker/outpost.

This is the basic stuff you need to build a Tau command bunker 

I started of by cutting 4,5 cm stripes of foam core, using a special tool made for foam core. It has a plane side so that the cut will be straight instead of slightly angled  

After that i did a series of vertical cuts with a carpet knife so the foam core could bend

I found a old home spy satellite disc that will serve for a perfect roof

And for my new love... the gluegun. Hot glue that gets hard in a minute or two. That makes it easy to attach complex shapes that would need hours of pressure if using PVA glue  

Try to stretch it out and secure it with some dots of glue along the way before you make it stick to the dish.
This makes it easy to do over if something go's wrong.

This i how it looks after it's in place. And the total process so far have taken about 20 min

After this there are a similar process but with a layer of selitron. A plastic easy to work with material. 

And this is how it looks after that.

To start of the detail part. i decided to make some things sticking out from the side of the bunker. 

And this is after the first parts been put together 

Some of Kristians kroots

This is the the thing after glued on the bunker and some tau symbol decoration

This is the fun part with selitron. Just some knife cuts och drag a pen in it and you have nice details. 

Then a door made from selitron and plastic card

Then a bid plastic card tau symbol to cover the hole in the roof.

A pic to show the size of it.

And then a foam core base

a pis from different angle

A problem with selitron is that if you build something with it and use a base coat spray the hole thing will melt to a pile of crap. So before i will ship it of to Kristian for painting i will put on a layer of seal to make it hard and sparyible.  

some sand mixed with glue and brown paint to make structure to the base. and in this pic a buildup to make the the snow look like the wind has taken it to som corners. 

And another angle. From the first to the last steep it was about 3 hours so its a kind if fast build.
Now its just some drying time and then of for it to be painted.
See you on the far side


  1. A super tutorial! Lots of useful tips. It's not a hockeyarena anymore, I'm impressed!

  2. That's one long fething post...