14 Jan 2011

Pain have a face, allow me to show it to you

As you readers can notice, some of us are not that great at keeping one army in mind. Kristian is now on tau and i have started a Dark eldar raiding party. after a trip to GW on monday a have speed painted 9 warriors, 10 wyches and 2,5 halion boards. hopefully i will be ready for the premier game om Saturday.

I really love these models. Wonderful details for a standard GW plastic. and nice range of bits, and lots of options.  Nice poses, specifically on the wyches. Now i just have to decide in what direction i want to take the army, do i what a kabal or a wyches cult. The warriors was more fun to paint, but the wyches are more live looking models.
I think i will play a test game before i decide.


  1. I vote for Wyches with Lelith as the leader. To die for!

  2. Have you considered black adges on your bases? Would look nice especially on these models

  3. Black edges would make them look cleaner