2 Jan 2011

The First Day

New year, nice!
How is the best way to start a new year?
I don't have to think more then approximately three sec. With your friends and Warhammer of course.
I worked on the Baneblade, it takes time. I painted black lines between the camo to make the contrast better. I like sharp edges. After that I started to wash all edges to bring out the details better. Soon there will be some highlights:)
Some pics will come later.
What the other guys did no one knows. I believe that John were making new poses on his scouts. There was lots of greenstuff included.
And Kristian.... no clue, he were just realy nice company.

We finished of the day with lamb grilled in the owen. Mmmm!
For desert don chocolate and my favorite rum(1919).

If you like animals, you love lamb! Bäää!

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