1 Dec 2010

From Good To Great

For two looong weeks me and my girlfriend have been relaxing in caribien. It's been super. What made it just perfect were warhammer, yes you herd right I brought my minis to paradice. When I got tierd of the ever shining sun I went to the hotel room and started to paint. I had six colours with me, all the grey, boltgun, scortch and badab black. My goal were to paint a squad of ten death korps witch I did succed with the last day. It was just lovely to come home and the hole squad was basecoted and the next mission was all highlight and details.

Two nights agoe I've were painting with sidekick Kristian. When he and I get together we push one and the other to do miricals with the bush. He on Tau and me at my Death Korps. Some may say it's overkill others it's the true and only path to follow. I think as long as you are pleased, you are doing the rigth thing. If you wonder what I meen with painting until perfection I'll give you a exampel: When I painted the buttons on the greatcoats I painted them with boltgun, wash them with badab black and finaly I highlight them with mithril silver. You can never overdo it.