16 Dec 2010


Now the majority has decided that the fearsome Baneblade should be my next object to paint. I had a bit more to do before it was time for painting. I believe (I'm not sure) Forge World did build this magnificent monster in the nineties so the detailed are not as good as they are today. So the first checkpoint was to remove the old eagles and replace them with new ones on etchbrass.

After that I had some repairing to do. I bought the tank on eBay, since Forge do not sell the complete resin kit anymore. It may sound stupid, the plastic Baneblade from Games-Workshop is better ditailed then it's resin grandfather, but still. It's not resin.
The earlier owner played catachans and had glued an ugly metal-mini in a hatch on the hull. I could not find any hatch-doors that were good enough so I built a grid which will work as an air cooler for the engine that turns the tower.

The twinlinked heavy bolters on the hull were missing so when I have the inspiration I will build a small tower for them as well.

I just finished the first layer of Charadon Granite which I sprayed with my Spray Gun from GW.

For the Emperor!