16 Nov 2010

The start of something big.

After a couple of fights with my old black (red) templars, my inspiration for that army was reborn. I allready have 1500 p ready and painted. Som the nexy step is 1750 and soon 2000.
But before i create that part some army specific terrain would be nice.

So i looked in my storage for an old project of mine. Last winter me and Kristian plays a champaign between tyranids and BT. The end of it were suppose to be a siege battle on a BT  base. So i started to construct one. I never finished it do to a break in the champing.
so now i have picked it up again.

Here is some pictures after sundays and yesterdays work.


  1. Nice to see that old piece again, very good detailing done

  2. Thanks. More will come. Just wait and see the rail to it

  3. You are the best!
    It's more then great. Keep up the good work!!!