12 Oct 2010

Sunday Showdown!

The campaign moves forward, today I challenged John and his fearsome Dark Angel. I can't tell why but there is no army I fear like the angels. Should I be honest I think it's John I fear. He is very defensive and that is unique in our gamegroup. So it was with a tingeling fealing in my stomach I challenged John for one of his landmark C8. The one thing that kept my spirit up were my 695points of glorious Death Koprs. Lots of brave warriors ready to sacriface there life for the Emperor.
Should I be honest?
I needed every single point! John played only with about 520points and were about to wipe my ass. I needed about 130 lasgun shots to penetrate the Marine Lords terminator armour and take his three wounds. Thank you GW for first rank second rank, I need it.
Now the land is now mine. MINE!

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