12 Oct 2010

The Struggle Continues...

And then, the summer was at an end. After a long and quiet break our campaign got up and running with my precious Necrons assaulting Nicklas' green skins with a scenario straight from the Battle Missions expansions. (If you don't have it, my tips for this fall is to get it. A great buy!) Reconnaissance In Force it was and a massive victory for ye olde tin heads and a freshly cleaned flag on the map.
But no rest for the soulless. As soon as Aksel heard of my glorious victory he decided that the map should be his. And straight after a challenge followed in the area know to most of you as B3. And after that we'll know if my 'crons are as good defending as they are at cleansing places from the lesser races.

And the Dark Eldar has been released. Twelve years in waiting and at todays Games Day they were unveiled. And boy, were they worth the wait!
And of course this fellow. Beautiful!
As I said to our resident DKoK-player, Johan, earlier this day; the Necrons are my Death Korps. And the Tomb Stalker fueled the flames of my love for the Undying. And hopefully we'll soon see a rhino sized Tomb spyder or some such construct. A Heavy Destroyer scorpion anyone? I'll take two!

Anyways, back to the campaign. After Aksel it is Johan who will challenge, and then Nicklas and last but not least John who will strike a blow for conquest. 650 points worth of painted plastic we are at now, 700 for those of you that finished your objectives. 1 HQ and 2 Troop minimum.
Let the battles commence!

Until Next Time Children!
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