12 Oct 2010

The Love For The Hobby

The line between perfection and insanity is wery thin, almost to thin. When you choose colour on your arcraft choose with care. It all started a almost a year agoe when I decided to paint my Valkyrie. I painted, painted and painted. Blue, blue and blue. I just made a little misstage, I wanted the Valkyrie to match all my tanks and since all of them have cammo I did the same on the hovercraft. I was quite happie with the blue colour but with the cammo :( everything was just buhuu!
So it took a couple of month to recover but this Wednesday I repainted it with new spirit, but this time I will stop with blue. I started with a bright blue coulor and washed it a couple times. When you paint tanks and eguivalent models I recomend you to use a airbrush. It's quite hard not to get brushlines. Since I used a brush I hade to wash many times and then drybrush it ever more. Since it still looks terrible and needs many more drybrushes and after that highlights I will not show any pics. Sorry.

We recived a package today from Forge World. Lovely!
If you thinking of buy the pillbox I would gladley recomed you to buy it with the sandbags. It Rocks. The other one looks nude, something is missing. Can't wait to paint it!

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